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It was at this very spot that Austin Roberts spent school holidays and which inspired his fascination with birds. The Roberts Book of Birds is a South African classic. Visitors can explore the same paths and enjoy the same bird life that he did all those years ago. Taste the soft spring water and allow the peace and serenity to refresh you.


Over 200 bird species are recorded in the Dargle and we are a summer stopover spot for a pair of Yellow Billed Kites who migrate annually from Central Africa. Iain Guthrie, keen Atlasser for the SABAP2 (South African Bird Atlas Project), created this list of confirmed birds for the Dargle area.


In the forest, life moves at a gentler pace. Generations of visitors have experienced the soul restoring reassurance that comes with being surrounded by the beauty of creation. It is filled with ancient trees and abundant birds and animals including: porcupine, caracal, bushbuck, bush pigs, blue duiker and genets.



We have built a bird-hide deep in the forest where bird lovers can view the abundant birdlife from the comfort of the hide. In recognition of the very first hide in the Kilgobbin Forest, built by the well-known Terry Oatley, this one has been named The Oatley Hide, with Terry’s blessing.

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Starred Robin Cottage


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Our Hide

Crab Apple Chapel

Our Chapel

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